Main Street, Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Minister: Kenneth C. Elliott BA BD Cert. Min.

A Church of Scotland congregation

Prestwick South Parish Church has reopened for worship. Most of the Covid-19 restrictions have now been removed, however the Church of Scotland is advocating a cautious approach.

Every Sunday the Service will be broadcast live on our YouTube Channel enabling members and friends to participate in our weekly Worship from the confines of their own homes. A recording of the Service will also be available on DVD.

Simply click HERE to access the latest service on The Prestwick South channel and also to view all the previous services. You can also access the service by telephone on this local number 01292 434505 to listen to the latest sevice.


As Minister of Prestwick South Parish Church may I welcome you to our web site. I’m sure you will find the web site to be both interesting and full of fascinating information.

Prestwick South Parish Church is situated right in the heart of the town. This central location has ensured that the Church has been a beacon of faith for many years.

Speaking personally I have been Minister at Prestwick South since 1989, during which time it has been a great privilege to minister to the Congregation and Parish. The duration of my ministry also reflects a Church that is hopefully not complacent, but receptive to new ideas that seek to meet the challenges of our modern world. Certainly, through our Website you will be able to read a brief historical account of Prestwick South Parish Church and how it has evolved through the years.

However, the emergence of Prestwick South as a beacon of faith is a remarkable story of great religious conviction which deserves special mention. Indeed, I certainly am in awe of the forefathers of the Church for the legacy of faith and witness that they have provided.

From historical records we recall how the United Presbyterian Church in Ayr decided to cater for the spiritual needs of the people in Prestwick and also summer visitors. Initially they sought to rent suitable accommodation, but unsuccessful in this quest they decided on the 7th April 1879 to build a Preaching Station which could accommodate 200 people. Just over six months later building began in October 1879 and was duly completed on the 25th April 1880.

That Preaching Station, which now accommodates our Vestry and Session House, symbolised not just a new beginning, but an incredible sense of faith. For in 1882 a petition was then signed for the Preaching Station to be made into a full Church. Yet, amazingly that petition was signed by 23 members and 17 adherents, a total of 40 people. A small group who had the courage, the conviction, the enthusiasm and the faith to turn a Preaching Station into a Church. It really was a remarkable and courageous decision. This was then endorsed at the Annual General Business meeting in December 1882 when the decision was taken to go ahead and build a Church. The Church was duly built and opened approximately 18 months later. All debts were cleared within ten years.  

From such inspiring foundations Prestwick South has continued to evolve and our web site will clearly give you some idea of the changes that have taken place. The web site also contains some information of what is currently happening within the Church. 

I sincerely hope that you enjoy visiting our web site and if you require any further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Kenneth C. Elliott